Please advise staff of any allergies or sensitivities you may have.

  Please advise staff of any allergies or sensitivities you may have.                                                                          Pets are prohibited.

Yolanda W.

"You're just amazing Wayne. My own personal miracle worker!!"

Veronica G.

"Great service and atmosphere"

Marian D.

"Wayne is not just a stylist. She is an artist! My 10 year old Diva always leaves satisfied with her new masterpiece! "

Nichole C.

"She took the time to make sure everything looked great, at no point did I feel like I was rushed. She made sure I knew what to do when I left. I couldn't have been happier with the service."

Anita S.

"She put in time to make sure my hair was perfect! She's the best!!"

Rene P.

"I enjoyed the one on one experience. Wayne is very knowledgeable about natural and shared her expertise. She put the health of my hair first and explained how to improve my hair regimen. "

Gina R.

"Wayne was so kind to stay late. I'm very thankful for her doing so."

Tasha C.

"Wayne worked wonders on my hair! She's professional and a joy to be around. I'll definitely be coming back soon?"

Bria H.

"Excellent!!!! Customer service amazing! Wayne did an awesome job on my silk press. My hair is very soft and silky. I love it!!"

Natacha P.

"She asked in depth questions about my hair care routine and made suggestions if there were things I could do better or things that were actually causing damage "

Shawnese G.

"Wonderful artist!!"

Edward  M.

"Always excellent."

Mel D.

""I truly enjoyed my first appointment with Wayne! It's great to have Natural hairstylist in Columbia Md!"


Barbara R.

"Wayne is impressively knowledgeable about hair health and styling techniques. A winning combination."

Cameron C.

"Wayne is AMAZING! She treats my hair like it is her own and has grown my hair out so much. Although her prices are high, the quality of her work makes it completely worth it. Make yourself an appointment with her today! :) "

Josh H.

"Wayne is a hard worker and cares about her work. I will go back every time! Thank you Wayne!"

Gina F.

"Awesome. Wayne cares about the health of your hair - which is rare."

Dominique C.

"Wayne was great! I loved the one on one experience and the education she provided regarding my natural hair care. Will definitely be back! "

Veronice M.

"I looked and felt like a new woman after a simple hair wash, condition er, and trim!"

Delanie B.

"Very personable. Explained what was being done and why. "

Jamiece Y.

"She does a great job, takes pride in her job"

Eboni b.

"It was a real Hair spa experience. The massage , attention and detail to my hair was amazing. Each product used exuded an aroma creating a therapeutic environment with aromatherapy. The shop was clean and Wayne was interested in hearing your current hair concerns and teaching you the best way to care for your hair. I definitely will be back "

Ashley R.

"I not easily impressed, but Wayne hit the nail on the head! Awesome first appointment, very satisfied!"

Saba T.

"I love Wayne! Definitely book your next appointment here! I love how she takes her time to make sure I'm happy and my hair gets the best care. No rush and mediocre service with her. She knows what she is doing. Excellent service!"

Renee G.

"Wayne is always on-time, professional, and I am always pleased with my hair! I love her attention to detail and how she always knows how to style my hair to compliment my face. She has a loyal customer in me ❤❤❤"

Rosie J.

"Wayne had so many positive reviews that I just had to give her a try. I went today, Easter Sunday, and she lived up to the hype. She was on time, knowledgeable and totally professional. She educated me on more modern techniques for my hair and what I needed to do. She really cares about your hair and doesn't rush the process. She's not working on 4-5 people at one time. It is just you. I walked out of her suite feeling like a new me. I have gotten more compliments on my hair today than I have in a long time. Thank you Wayne and I'm so glad that you are here in Maryland!!"

Cicely D.

"Very professional and knowledgeable about natural hair care. Will definitely be a regular customer."

Cassandra D.

"I highly recommend Wayne as a stylist. She has styled my daughter's (6 years old) hair twice thus far and I am extremely pleased. No one has ever taken as much time to do a thorough job with her hair (and she has a ton of hair) and I really appreciate it. We will definitely continue to very well spent!"

Nella R.

"Wayne did an outstanding job on my hair! Good is a understatement, she transformed my hair, not only did she moisturize and seal my hair before adding the extensions, but she took her time with making sure my closure was perfectly fitted to my head, her threading technique was great and the end process of it all was superb. Hair was light, bouncy, shiny, curly, just flawless. Not only will I be returning to Wayne to manage my natural hair and install weaves when I need a break from my natural hair, but I will also be recommending Wayne to all my friends and family and who ever ask me about me hair which someone did immediately after me getting my hair done walking to my car!""

Bryanna M.

"She started and finished on time. I love the finish result would definitely go back "

Caril J.

"Very nice "

Nilaja F.

"I was very impressed with Wayne's knowledge of natural haircare. She was very helpful in teaching me moisturizing techniques. My daughter and I will definitely make another appointment. My daughter's hair was styled very cute and she was greatly pleased."

Patricia W.

"Wayne always take great care of my hair and educates me on what I should do to maintain my style at home."

Tavia B.

"Wayne was pleasant and inviting from the beginning. She kindly greeted me at the door and walked me out when I was finished. Our conversation was environment appropriate. Wayne hydrated my hair and scalp before starting to insert the braids. She was meticulous about how it layed, which I appreciate. She also told me how to care for my hair and options on how to wear it."


Jessica M.

"Great customer service and very knowledgeable "

Heather T.

"Wayne makes sure that not only does your hair look fabulous but you understand what your hair needs. "

Linda P.

"Appointments are on time. Wayne is the ultimate professional yet she is personable too. The salon location & parking good. The cost for my visit is quite reasonable. The end product that she provides is outstanding."

Avemaria V.

"Wyane was very professional and had alot of knowledge on natural hair care. Wyane actually asked me what's my hair goals. I've never had a hair stylist ask me that."

Tiphanie E.

"Wayne does such a good job on all types of hair styles. She knows how to take care of you and your hair well. I would recommend Divalicious salon because of the high quality performance! I encourage all to make an appointment! "

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