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Improve your skills. Increase your income.


Industries are constantly changing.

Today’s professionals must, therefore, commit to a ‘life-long learning’ philosophy that enhances effectiveness, and solidify a strong client base.

Continuing education is required for professionals to stay current with the latest developments, skills, and new technologies.

Whether it is required or not, continuing education can be important for careersatisfaction, it can boost confidence and lead to opportunities for careeradvancement.

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Divalicious Salon in Columbia, Maryland

(inside Salons by JC,   2nd Floor)

5410 Lynx Lane
Suite 20
Columbia, Maryland

Our Hours:
Monday:                          7am – 2pm
Sun, Wed - Fri:                7am – 7pm

Tuesday & Saturday:        CLOSED

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Please properly detangle your hair from root to ends, and be punctual, or your appointment will be canceled and charges will apply.
Please No Walk-ins/Extra Company

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